What is a Killer Life?

A killer life is the the you would kill for right? The life in where you have it all? Where you are content and happy. Does this even exists? Well it can. I have been working towards my killer life and I would love to bring you along with me. This isn’t something that just happens, it something we make happen.

I have had my fair share of time in the ring, gloves on a fighting. Metaphorically speaking I have been fighting for my own life, fighting for my kids life, fighting for my marriage, my faith, my finances, my body, my friends and family….heck I have taken a round with it all! And guess what? I am winning! When I take my last breath I am going to have the biggest championship, golden, heavyweight belt one has ever seen.

So now, I want to be your coach! I want to help you in the ring. I get it. I have tried it all. And faltered, too. Until I found a better way, that is. I have helped countless people just like you achieve personal 

transformation with these four powerful supports:

1. YOU. We start with you. Change comes from with in. You will get a life journal that we will journey through together. It is so powerful and such an amazing tool to help uncover parts of you that may have been hiding and wanted to come forward and shine brighter for you.

2. FUELINGS. My plans are based on eating small and often to level out your blood sugars.  We offer an entire system of learning new habits.  This is mental and physical.  I provide you with 5 meal replacements. (Plans based on your current health and activity levels). These meal replacements are probiotic, prebiotic, vitamin enriched, protein based “fuelings”.  Choices range from shakes, bars and chips to more options like  biscuits, brownies or frozen treats.  All protein based.   These are the building blocks for teaching your body to eat healthy, balanced, small and often. You are preparing your one “lean and green” meal per day!  This is made up of a specific portion of protein, veggies & fats.   Plus Lots of water and light exercise.  These are the tools to teach your body to start using it’s food for energy instead of storing it like it has been taught in the past!  The body learns that it’s safe to burn food and visceral (deep)fat, instead of storing it.  You are now teaching it  to do so by feeding it on a regular basis with healthy foods!   All by leveling out your blood sugar.  Once you reach your goal weight then we transition you into more meals and exercise and less replacements. On a weekly basis as you progress. There are multiple programs available based on your healthy goals. Take the assessment below and we can see what plan will work for you. This is not nutrisystem or JennyC. Foods have clean label, very portable and easy. I still cook with butter, sauces, flavor is not missing at all!

3.COACHING. You get me. I will be available to you 24/7. I will be there to teach, coach, encourage and troubleshoot. No one was meant to do anything hard alone! So lets do it together.

4. COMMUNITY. I have an entire community for you to join. You can get additional support, swap recipes, get ideas… all sorts of things. We have an amazing group of wonderful people who want everyone to succeed.