Why Choose A Killer Life


 My name is Jodi Kille(r)fer (kill-a-fur) and welcome to Killer Heath! I started this journey wondering if I would be successful or not. I was a yo-yo dieter with a perpetual fad diet history that ultimately destroyed my metabolism. 

Being a nurse and a health coach being super healthy was import to me, yet I couldn’t seem to achieve my “health” goals. The yo-yo, fad dieting continued and my weight was like a roller coaster.  My world was rocked when I was diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant.. twice! It took its toll on me.  After chemo, multiple surgeries, pregnancy, and menopause at the age of 40 my body was left in shambles. I was 50lbs overweight, the heaviest I had ever been.   

When covid hit I was determined not to gain the quarantine 19 and lose it instead. The weight loss was tediously, painfully slow, and frustrating. I had two small kids with very little time to prep meals or exercise, nor did I have the energy.  

I struggled. I hated my body. I wanted to reclaim my health and my body but couldn’t figure how to do it under these new circumstances. I searched. I finally found a plan that worked:).  I loved how it was tailored specifically to me, my medical history and my busy life with two small kids. It fit all of my needs even after everything I had been through.  I have learned sooo many new tools as well as developed completely different healthy habits. I am getting myself back and I am killing it!  I am almost to my goal weight and most importantly know that I can maintained it this time. No more yo-yo dieting for me. I feel healthy and well again. I am loving my body. If I can do it, you definitely can too! Being a nurse and a health coach,  sharing my plan with you only comes naturally. My passion for healthy living and coaching has been re-ignited. I would love to work with you and create a plan that will work for you so you can kill it too, just like me… so we both can have Killer Health.